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345 Office Space Building

To be completed in October 2023.


Sen Sok

To be completed in January 2024.



To be completed in August 2023.

345 Office Space Progress

Mekarcube Construction began 345 Office Space with a groundbreaking ceremony on May 2021. Our team kept the momentum to satisfy our client with quality executions that were finished in time and within the budget. We proceeded with casting capping beam of diaphragm wall for our proposal on December 2021.

In June 2022, we continuously install formworks, rebar and MEP provisions and prepare for the inspection before concrete casting. This is the ground floor slab, exactly 6.5 month from the project commencement date.

It's an achievement as per the master schedule milestone .

In September 2022, the inspection of steel reinforcement and form works installation were done successfully for the casting the 6th floor slab. Another milestone achieved and we are working hard towards hitting the next one building our team's spirit.

In October 2022, we have reached the typical floor of the project coincides with the ending of the rainy season. With these blessings and our continued hard work, we have successfully cast the 9F.


We are happy to have execute our topping-off of our 345 Office Space project in February 2023. With full support from the Client, the architect, the inspectors, the consultants, the subcontractors, and the suppliers,

we can deliver this important milestone 2 months ahead of our master schedule. This is Mekarcube capability, we don't settle for less when

we could do more.


Thank you everyone for trusting in our quality.

345 Office Space will be soon completed in October 2023

Villa Sen Sok Progress

In August 2022, Mekarcube Construction began Villa Sen Son Project with a groundbreaking ceremony. Our team began the early stages of excavation for the ground works in September 2022.

In December 2022, we topped-off our Villa Sen Son Project

It has been a great year in 2022. We have accomplished a number of our company goals and we have grown a lot as a team. Now that our structure works have been completed, we have ample of time to plan for a very good finishing for the project.


Credits to all people who are involved in all our projects; our back office, our site people, our sub-cons, our suppliers, the design consultants, the project management, and of course our clients. We will be able to finish

Villa Sen Sok in January 2024.

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